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Our Value-Added Steel Plate Services

Precision Grinding provides a wide range of custom steel plate services to customers nationwide.

Blanchard Grinding and Surface Grinding

Our steel grinding services are among the most productive in the country.  We operate (10) large, Blanchard Rotary Grinding machines.  The largest at 250 HP can handle up to 128″ diameter to 45″ tall.  In addition, we have (4) Large Surface Grinders and (3) Large Reciprocating Grinders. Our largest Mattison Surface Grinder reaches 31″ x 36″ x 200″ and can maintain parallelism tolerances to .001. Our largest Mattison Reciprocating Grinder, affectionately named “Big Green” boasts a 400 HP motor and covers plates 48″ X 200″.  This machine helps us to efficiently grind long steel bars and tool steel bars.  Decarbing Tool Steel is a specialty of this Mattison Machine.  Our operators maintain the equipment to meet tight thickness, flatness, and parallel tolerance requirements.  If you have a project that is larger than the sizes listed please contact us about custom step grinding.

Grinding Large Steel Plates on Reciprocating Grinder Big Green

Steel Plate Inventory, CAD Programming and CNC Flame Cutting

We maintain structural steel plate inventory, including ASTM A36, AISI 4140, SAE 1045, ASTM A572, ASTM A514, and Hot Roll and we maintain state-of-the-art plate cutting machines.  Let our CAD programmers and operators turn your faxed or e-mailed designs into quality Plasma Cut and Oxy-Fuel/Flame Cut burnouts.  Furthermore, these cutting tables also offer Flame Beveling and Plasma Beveling up to 45 degree bevels.

Precision Machining

Large CNC Vertical Machining Centers, horizontal machining mills and planer mills produce machined edges, T-Slots, holes, taps, and grooves to complex milling specifications.

Machine Building

We have over 50 years of experience supporting machine builders with precision heavy equipment.  Our dedicated machine builders include certified welders with experience building custom machines for a wide variety of industries.

Welding and Steel Fabricating

Experienced welders fabricate plate, bar, beams, pipe, structural tube, and complex plate shapes to meet your special finishing requirements.

Steel Bar and Metal Saw Cutting

We maintain steel bar inventory to meet your standard or metric bar size specifications.

Stress Relieving, Annealing and Normalizing Heat Treating

In order to reduce residual stress and to provide product stability, we will also arrange to have your parts stress relieved, annealed or normalized before the grinding or machining process.

Quality Finished Products

Our number one goal is to provide quality steel plate products, manufacturing solutions, and timely service. Our finished products meet multiple needs in many diverse industries.


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