ASTM A516 Steel Plate

ASTM A516 Steel Plate

PGI Steel is your source for ASTM A516 steel plate products and shapes cut to size, ground, machines and processed into steel parts. This specification covers carbon steel plates intended primarily for service in welded pressure vessels where improved notch and impact toughness is important. A516 plates are available in four grades: Grades 55, 60, 65, and 70, according the different strength levels. The most common grade, ASTM A516-70, is a medium carbon alloy designed for use in pressure vessels and boilers. Another trade name for A516-70 plate is PVQ Plate (Pressure Vessel Quality). Pressure vessel grades are vital in a variety of demanding applications, including oil and gas and power generation.

Typical applications include: rail car tanks, manways, sump applications, car heads and shells. It is a high strength metal, easy to fabricate and can be securely welded. A516-70 plate also has low corrosion properties. This standard has been approved for use by offices underneath the jurisdiction of the Department of Defense.

Chemical Composition & Physical Properties

Grade 55Grade 60Grade 65Grade 70
Steel Typemedium carbon alloymedium carbon alloymedium carbon alloymedium carbon alloy
ASTM DesignationA516-55 / A516 Grade 55A516-60 / A516 Grade 60A516-65 / A516 Grade 65A516-70 / A516 Grade 70
Common PGI Inventory0.375″-4.75″ inquire for thicker plate0.375″-4.75″ inquire for thicker plate0.375″-4.75″ inquire for thicker plate0.375″-4.75″ inquire for thicker plate
Minimum Yield Stress (ksi)30323538
Average Tensile Strength (ksi)55 – 7560 – 8065 – 8570 – 90
Elongation at Breakage (8 in.)23% 21% 19% 17%
Elongation at Breakage
(2 in.)
27% 25% 23% 21%
% Carbon (C)0.180 – 0.2600.210 – 0.2700.240 – 0.2900.270 – 0.310
% Manganese (Mn)0.600 – 1.300.850 – 1.300.850 – 1.300.850 – 1.30
% Phosphorus (P)0.0350.0350.0350.035
% Silicon (Si)0.130 – 0.4500.130 – 0.4500.130 – 0.4500.130 – 0.450
% Sulfur (S)0.0350.0350.0350.035