Precision Table Tops

Ground and Machined Table Tops

PGI Steel offers a variety of precision ground and precision machined table tops for industrial companies.

  • Custom Steel Table Top 1/4″ – 2″ thick A36, 1020, hot-rolled steel, 4140
  • Strong tubular steel frame choices
  • Also Available: Side Frames from Plate 2″, 3″, 4″, other
  • Any Fabricated Frame Leveling feet or leveling pads available
  • Adjustable Level Feet Large CNC Machining / Vertical Milling 31″ x 78″ x 122″ 
  • Blanchard rotary grinding to 45″ tall
  • Blanchard reciprocating grinders 128″ diagonal grinding  14″ x 48″ x 200″
  • Painted or unfinished fabrications
  • Machine enamel, epoxy or powder coat precision steel tables, any size/grade.

We offer a complete selection of steel processing services:

  • Plate cutting
  • Grinding
  • CNC machining
  • Steel fabrication
  • Flame & Plasma cutting large and thick plate burnouts
  • Precision surface grinding to close tolerances
  • Precision machining on large capacity
  • Burning, welding, forming, assembly, fabrication

Grinding & machining large and thick steel plates: Fluid grooves, channels, lips, contoured lines & beveling available. Complex holes, recessed cut-outs, shaping & insets available.

Custom industrial table tops: any thickness cut, ground, machined. Our precision steel tables are sturdy, rugged, and built to last.