Machining Services

Machining Services

CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control) uses computers to control machine tools including lathes, mills, routers and grinders.

There are many advantages to using CNC machining:

  • Faster and more precise than manual machining
  • Can be repeated in exactly the same manner
  • Can produce complex shapes that would be almost impossible to achieve with manual machining

Turning Services

CNC turning is a slightly different process compared to CNC machining. CNC turning relies upon computer-controlled machines, but creates a different end product. CNC turning is used to create parts with round or tubular shapes created from larger pieces of material.

PGI offers CNC lathe services which feature live tooling, allowing us to produce a complex part in fewer set ups and lowers your cost.

PGI Steel also has a variety of manual machines, such as horizontal mills, planer mills and other small manual mills to support the machine shop.

CNC Machining Centers

  • NEW – Doosan DBM 2550 206” X-axis x 98.5″ Y-axis x 43″ Z-axis (44,000 lbs.)
  • Doosan DBM 2540,  167″ X-axis x 98.5″ Y-axis x 31.5″ Z-axis (32,000 lbs.)
  • Johnford Vertical,  162″ X-axis x 109” Y-axis x 42″ Z-axis
  • Takumi DCM 3020 Vertical122″ X-axis x 78” Y-axis x 31″ Z-axis
  • Yama Seiki Vertical,  78″ X-axis x 47″ Y-axis x 31″ Z-axis
  • Yama Seiki Vertical (Two Machining Centers),  63″ X-axis x 31″ Y-axis x 31″ Z-axis
  • Yama Seiki Lathe18.1″ swing x 115″ Length w/ Live Tooling

Manual Machining Centers

  • G & L Horizontal Boring Mills, 83” X-axis x 134” Y-axis x 36″ Z-axis (2 machines)
  • Radial Arm Drills (2 machines)
  • Universal Mills (2 machines)
  • Flex Arm Tapping Machines (2 machines)