Gusset plates

gusset plates and stiffeners

Steel gusset plates generally support, or reinforce the connection of two major structural steel parts, such as when bolting and/or welding bridge beams or trusses to adjoining load bearing, bridge column supports.

Many steel gusset plate types are of a triangular base shape with any number of clean drilled holes for bolting to bridge and beam supports. Today, often times, both, bolting and welding are recommended for bridge construction plates. Years ago, riveting was a common method for attaching these specialty plates. Special designs for extreme load bearing gusset plates are rectangular in shape and welded into the corners, fitting underneath one I-beam while supporting another adjacent beam. Some might refer to these as “stiffeners” rather than gussets. Bridges and Truss Columns are typical civil engineering construction projects requiring numerous gussets and supports.

Bridge Steel, Truss Plates, Leveling Plates

PGI Steel stocks ASTM A36 to 8″, and we also inventory A572 Grade 50 from 1/2″ to 6″ thick. A572 Steel is specially designed for outdoor use, such as required when building bridges and building infrastructure for power companies, water & sewage, gas, and other utility distribution facilities. Heavy, outdoor steel parts manufactured from steel include:

  • Column gusset plates
  • Column bases and foundations
  • Leveling plates
  • Foundation plates
  • Pole bases for power utilities
  • Truss gussets
  • Bridge beams
  • Bridge shims and shim plates
  • Beam supports
  • Specialty infrastructure and  bridge plates
  • Steel stiffeners
  • Tower foundation supports
  • Cell tower bases

We also regularly work with A588 steel for applications requiring enhanced corrosion resistance. 

We partner with job shops and OEM manufactures to manufacture heavy and thick steel parts.

Plate Cutting, Grinding & Machining

With a large inventory of carbon and alloy steel plate, PGI Steel offers flame cutting and plasma cutting services, stress relieving and annealing services, grinding services, machine shop services, and a full compliment of fabricating services.