Surface Grinding

Surface Grinding

What you Should Know About Surface Grinding

Grinding Tolerances – Thickness, Parallelism, Flatness

Thickness and parallelism tolerances on our largest Mattison surface grinder can target +/- .001″. Flatness is much more difficult to achieve when working with larger steel parts. Flatness capabilities approach .0015 per foot. Greater flatness accuracy occurs with smaller and heavier parts.

Our largest Mattison surface grinder reaches 31″ x 37″ x 200″ and can maintain parallelism tolerances to .001. These Mattison surface grinders regularly grind and refurbish machine parts for heavy steel service centers. Examples include regrinding welder dies & refinishing plate shears.  Consider 16 to 32 to 48 RMS finish standards.

Blanchard Grinding and Surface Grinding

Our steel grinding services are among the most productive in the country. We operate several large, Blanchard rotary grinding machines. The largest is 250 HP and can handle up to 128″ diameter to 45″ tall. Our largest Mattison reciprocating grinder boasts a 415 HP motor and covers plates 48″ X 220″.  This machine helps us efficiently grind long steel bars and tool steel bars. We can also decarb tool steel with this Mattison machine, affectionately called “Big Green”.  We also have (3) Mattison reciprocating machines with rotary heads (Blanchard style).