Hexagon Absolute Arm

Precision Part Validation at PGI Steel

Hexagon Absolute Inspection Arm

When it comes to quality control, PGI has invested in the best software, equipment and trained personnel in order to set the standard for reliable high-accuracy point probe measurement! Built on a platform of advanced technology, our Absolute Arm allows us to effortlessly make high accuracy portable measurement of parts. Its high-tech carbon fiber tube construction ensures strength and thermal stability in any environment. 

Usability by design

The Absolute Arm was designed by Hexagon to make it the most reliable and easy-to-use piece of advanced technology in modern metrology equipment. With an established and reliable software interface, our Absolute Arm is compatible and supported by all major portable metrology software packages. Our portable CMM has probing accuracy as fine as only 6 microns and scanning system accuracy to within 44 microns. Further, its kinematic probe joint minimizes our downtime by allowing all probes to be swapped on-the-fly, with no need for recalibration.

Versatility By Design

Our Absolute Arm’s unique modular wrist was specifically designed to make measurement flexible, fast and secure. We can quickly switch between laser scanning and touch probing without interrupting the measurement process. We are also able to remove the grip in order to measure and validate difficult to reach areas such as holes and cavities. We can also measure the tightest of areas by removing our RS-5 Laser scanner. 

We are proud to be able to use Hexagon’s flagship non-contact measurement laser. It delivers established and reliable 3D scanning at high speed. A central feature of this amazing tool, is its wide scan line, which means parts can now be scanned with fewer passes and in less time. PGI’s newest tool for inspection will not sacrifice greater laser width in order to achieve a higher frame rate. Our 7 axis Absolute Arm consistently delivers the maximum frame rate at the maximum laser width with phenomenal probing accuracy. All this leads to higher quality and precision manufactured parts for you! Ask us today about how we can add this service for your upcoming projects.