Machine Shops

PGI Supports Machine Shops

By offering a wide variety of services in one place, we can respond to machine shops quickly, save on logistics costs and keep you from having to manage multiple vendors.  We understand we are the first step in the order process.  We want to partner with you, and we know if you are not successful, we are not successful. Let PGI Steel take on redundant parts so you have the time to focus on design and development of new and exciting projects. We want you to be lean and efficient!  PGI Steel made the decision to focus on the machining of large parts because we realized most of our customers were limited on the size work piece they could handle, and the ones that could handle large pieces may need help with their backlog. We can help you with your machine shop needs:
  • In-house stress relieving and annealing
  • 17 Blanchard and Mattison grinding machines
  • Machining up to 8 ft. x 20 ft. and 44,000 lbs. weight capacity