Sub Plates

Sub Plates

When you need standard or complex, drilled or t-slotted, ground & machined sub plates, call on PGI Steel. We mill and machine tooling plates, jigs, die set component plates, pallet fixtures and templates for “Quick-Change-Systems” for milling machines, for presses and for all types of tool & die work. Custom manufacturing sub plates with grooved slots and threaded holes, tapped and drilled to size with chamfered edges to any custom specifications is our specialty.

We also offer fair prices on bushings, springs, and die set component bearings and sleeves for any hydraulic or pneumatic presses, for stamping presses, and for tooling & die component needs.

Modular Pallet Fixtures and Positioning Sub Plates

T-Slotted BolstersMachine Jigs & Workholdings
Press PlatesRisers, Pins, Columns
Positioning Sub PlatesFixture Plates
Die ShoesBlanking Dies
Positioning Grid PlatesMachine Templates
Die Set ComponentsBlank Tooling Plates

Complete Quick Change Mold Systems

QCM PlatesQCM SystemsQuick Change Systems
Quick MoldsQuick Die MoldsQuick Change Molds
Steel MoldsMold Plates

We manufacture sub plates for boring, milling & drilling machines. We also manufacture machine base plates or sole plates for motor bases, pump platforms, valve plates, and other hydraulic machines and centrifugal spinning gear.