Fabrication Services

Fabricating and Finishing

PGI Steel has 30,000 square feet dedicated to custom steel fabrication, including fitting, welding, assembly, blasting and painting. Our fabrication department utilizes certified welders, skilled fitters, and dedicated inspection personnel to check weldments throughout all fabrication phases for your project.

PGI regularly conducts pre-production and progress meetings across all departments involved for every build. This ensures every step in the process is clear and each department understands your expectations and  specified requirements. PGI Steel’s experienced Team brings a multitude of expertise in fabrication methodologies and stands ready to assist our clients with their project(s) from material take-off through final inspection and delivery. 


  • PGI Steel welders are 3-G certified in multiple welding types:
    • Wire, Solid (GMAW) or Flux core (FCAW)
    • Stick (SMAW)
    • TIG / Heli-Arc (GTAW)
  • 2-G certified in stainless (GMAW)
  • Full-Time Certified Welding Inspector (CWI) On-Site
  • Experienced with multiple grades and materials, including A36, A572 Gr50/ A709, A514, 1018, 1020, 1045, 4140, AR400, Astralloy and many grades of stainless
  • All welds receive, at a minimum, a visual inspection for conformance to AWS D1.1 / D1.6  {American Welding Society Structural Welding Code, Carbon / Stainless}.        When specified, other NDT inspections are available including dye penetrant, magnetic particle and x-ray testing. 
  • Post-weld stress relieving and annealing of higher carbon materials are available.

Surface Preparation & Painting 

  • Surface preparation may include a simple hand tool cleaning  {SSPC-SP2}  or a more aggressive media cleaning such as a Commercial Blast  {SSPC-SP6} , Near White Blast {SSPC-                      SP10}, or even a White Metal Blast  {SSPC-SP5} . PGI Steel will prepare surfaces to your specifications or as per the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Our skilled paint technicians have experience with a variety of single and multi-coat paint systems and apply your coatings per the manufacturers’ specifications.
  • When size permits, PGI Steel utilizes a dedicated paint booth for safety and to minimize dust particles.

Powder coating services are also available upon request.


  • Our organization employs seasoned technicians experienced in assembly and fabrication of machinery and millwright work.
  • PGI Steel offers trial-fitting of most assemblies before shipment to help ensure a smooth installation at our clients’ specified destination.
  • For custom machinery, PGI can test run your custom built machine before final acceptance  {clients are strongly encouraged to be on site for this stage of the project} .


  • All of our custom fabricated projects pass through a rigorous inspection process to ensure the final product is manufactured to our clients’ specifications.
  • Each project is inspected after every fitting stage, prior to welding. After welding has been completed, each weld is inspected per your project specifications for compliance with AWS          D1.1 / AWS D1.6.
  • Blast profile as well as paint thickness are closely monitored to ensure a quality paint job is provided.