Steel Mounting Plates

Mounting Plates

PGI Steel manufactures flat, parallel, and square steel mounting plates for most structural applications. Many of these mounting plates fall into the category of machine support plates, including machine bases, machine beds, floor plates, and sole plates. Steel mounting plates normally have precision machined holes and cut-outs for aligned bolting directly to the supported machine. These steel base plates are usually Blanchard ground to ±  0.005 – 0.010″ tolerances for parallelism and thickness.

With large capacity horizontal / vertical CNC machining centers, our Machining Department  provides precision machining to 42″ x 110″ x 162″ up to 26,500 lbs. for these types of large machine plates. Our G & L Bar Mills can also handle large work pieces. Machine bases generally range from 2″ thick to 8″ thick in sizes as large as the base dimensions of the machine. Serving as a single source solution, we provide plate cutting services, grinding services, and machining services to manufacture  heavy steel plate and parts to as large as 5,000 lbs. – 20,000 lbs. and to thicknesses over 22″ thick.

Building Construction Plates

A second category of steel mounting plates includes bridge and general building construction plates.  In turn, these plates may include gussets, bearing plates, leveling plates, and column plates.  Also, these steel parts generally provide support for steel structures that may be bolted, riveted or welded together. However, neither overhead crane end plates nor steel building column bases, as examples, need to be precision ground. Often times, the design engineers call for minimum specifications to include cut and deburred plates that are left un-ground, aka plate-cut material only orders. Furthermore, bridge and supporting plates must meet more rigid standards than general building construction demands. Often times, A516 pressure vessel plate  or A572-50 may be specified for bridge steel, instead of A36 or 1020 HR, and more often then not, these plates may be Blanchard ground.

Machine tables, machine bases, ground table tops, steel platforms, pedestal mounts, steel skids, or otherwise taller mounts are essentially mounting plates welded atop a hollow steel tubing H-type frame or a foundation built upon I-beams or steel side frames or some other fabrication. With the flexibility to meet most structural engineering and steel processing needs, PGI Steel provides a single source solution approach for cutting, grinding, CNC machining, milling, and fabricating complete all shapes and sizes of structural mounting plates.

Ground and Machined Steel Parts

From the simplest of flame-cut and deburred plates to plates machined with a few clean holes to complex machine bases requiring hundreds of precision machined holes, grooves, cut-outs, and bevels, our machine shop and grinding department work together to provide precision machining along with close tolerance Blanchard and surface grinding in order to meet your rigid specifications.

Large ASTM A36 Inventory

We maintain a large inventory of A36 steel plate from 1/4″ – 8″ thick.  Also, we support custom steel plate orders up to 24″ thick.  Additionally, we stock A572, A514, A516, 1020, 1045, and 4140 from 1/4″ to 4″ thick.