Plate Cutting

Plate Cutting Services 

At PGI Steel, we use CNC oxy-fuel and/or CNC plasma for steel plate cutting on four tables. All of our tables have a 10 ft. x 40 ft. capacity. We regularly burn steel plate up to 8” thick and can supply up to to 22” thickness for base plates, mounting plates, mold plates, die plates, gussets, shim plates, wear plates, parallel bars, risers and other custom steel parts.

CNC Flame Cutting

CNC flame cutting (oxy-fuel) uses a combination of liquid oxygen and a cutting gas. The torch moves across the plate to burn parts of specified shapes and sizes to produce a crisp, clean cut.

CNC Plasma Cutting

A CNC plasma machine has a plasma torch that blows an inert gas at high speeds out of a nozzle, through an electrical arc, which turns some of that gas to plasma. The CNC plasma cutting process has superior cutting speeds, piercing speeds, and generates very precise cut qualities. CNC plasma cutting machines are ideal for cutting thinner materials, up to 2″ thick.

Quick Facts

  • 3 burning tables
  • 10 ft. x 40 ft. capacity on all tables
  • Inventory a wide range of materials including: A36, 4140, A572 Gr50 / A709 , 1045, 1018, 1020, A514, AR400, and bar stock.
  • Indoor plate storage, 30,000 square ft. storage area
  • Can provide MTRs for traceability, domestic and DFARs material available
  • We clean all parts using many procedures, which include hand grinding, slag removal, and deburring
  • CAD or solid model drawing is preferred, but programmers can work from a PDF or create a drawing from a hand sketch