Machine Building

PGI Steel Custom Machine Building Services 

We have over 50 years of experience supporting machine builders with precision heavy equipment. Our dedicated machine builders include certified welders with experience building custom machines for a wide variety of industries. PGI Steel specializes in combining several custom steel plate services into one final project. Some of the machine building or custom built machines we have processed include:

  • Metal Shredders
  • Food Canning Machines
  • Forming and Stamping Presses
  • Mining & Mineral Machinery
  • Road Construction Machinery
  • Automated Robot Bases
  • Paper Mill Machinery
  • Conveyors

Industrial Manufacturing Machinery

  • Automotive automation & specialty equipment
  • Road and bridge, building, construction equipment
  • Specialty machines for manufacturing goods

Assembly & Packaging Machines

  • Beverage, bottling & canning machines
  • Robotic arm bases, robot pedestals, automated machines
  • Assemblers, conveyors, loaders, up-enders & stackers

Hydraulic Presses

  • Machine plates & press platens – heated platens
  • Die & mold plates – complete die set assemblies
  • Laboratory test presses
  • Stamping presses, Forming presses, platen presses
  • Calendar presses
  • Heated platens, A36, 4140, 400 series stainless

Heavy Welded Steel Tables, Work Benches, Bases

  • Solid, heavy duty steel tables
  • Machine bases
  • Welding tables, shop tables, assembly benches
  • Heavy duty workbenches
  • Fixturing tables – jigs, fixtures, templates
  • Steel table tops

Machine Builders & Plant Manufacturing Clients

  • Reducing machines – choppers, shredders, granulators
  • Calendar machines – printing, collating, stacking, laminating
  • Presses – pulp & paper, platen mills, die shops
  • Cutting machines – steel manufacturers, steel mills, tube mills
  • Waste / recyclers, oil & gas, concrete, mining & mineral

Other Industries Served

Chemical Plants – paint, liquids, metals, powders  and plastics

Fibers & Textiles – carpet, flooring, brick

Military (CAGE Code: 0BXV8) – US Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Defense

Mining & Mineral – quarries, coal mining, heavy construction

Marine, Oil, Gas – refineries, deep sea rigs, ocean vessels

We also manufacture new platens and plates to engineered specifications, such as base plates, machine bases, carbon steel table tops, specialty die & mold plates, side frame plates, and those specialty, one-of-a-kind, custom engineered parts.