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About Our Departments and Capabilities

Plate Cutting Department Capabilities

Our burning and cutting department is over 30,000 sq. ft. and includes burn tables with the following capabilities:

  • Kioke Plasma / Oxy-fuel with 10’ x 40’ water table plasma cuts up to 2” thick, equipped with true hole technology, flame cuts up to 8” thick
  • Kodiak Heavy Duty Oxy-fuel with 10” x 40” water table flame cuts up to 10” thick
  • Burny 5 Oxy-fuel with 8’ x 40’ water table flame cuts up to 10” thick


Grinding Department Capabilities

We’ve been in the steel grinding business since 1971 and are proud to offer one of the largest selections of grinding machines in the southeast.  We have 17 grinders in a variety of sizes and available capacities.

Blanchard Grinding


  • Mattison 400S Vertical Spindle, 415HP 48” width x 200” length
  • Mattison 400S Vertical Spindle, 150HP 36” width x 170” length
  • Mattison 400S Vertical Spindle, 100HP 36” width x 100” length
  • Blanchard 54-100 Rotary, 250HP 128” diameter x 45” height (2 machines)
  • Blanchard 32-60 Rotary, 100HP 60” diameter x 36” height (4 machines)
  • Mattison Rotary, 125HP 72” diameter x 30” height
  • Mattison Rotary, 125HP 104” diameter x 30” height
  • Blanchard Rotary, 50HP 42” diameter x 18” height (2 machines)

If you have a project that is larger than the sizes listed please contact us about custom step grinding.

Surface Grinding

  • Mattison Horizontal Spindle, 50HP 36” width x 168” length x 31” height
  • Mattison Horizontal Spindle CNC, 30HP 36” width x 198” length x 31” height
  • Mattison Horizontal Spindle, 30HP 30” width x 96” length x 30” height
  • Mattison Horizontal Spindle, 30HP 14” width x 96” length x 24” height

If you have a project that is larger than the sizes listed please contact us about custom step grinding.

Stress Relieving and Annealing Car Bottom Steel Furnace

Stress Relieving and Annealing Furnace

Stress Relieving & Annealing Department Capabilities

Our 2,000 sq. ft. stress relieving and annealing department can accommodate very large pieces.


Machining & Milling Department Capabilities

Top View of Johnford Milling Machine at Precision Grinding, Inc.

Johnford Milling Machine

With a wide variety of CNC machines and manual machines, PGI is sure to have the equipment needed to fulfill your job.  With over 30,000 sq. ft. dedicated to complex machining and milling projects, our workload and job sizes will ensure your get the quality and turn time you need.

CNC Machines

  • Johnford Vertical, 109” width x 162” length x 42” height
  • Takumi DCM 3020 Vertical, 78” width x 122” length x 31” height
  • Yama Seiki Vertical, 31” width x 63” length x 31” height (2 machines)
  • Yama Seiki Vertical, 47″ width x 78″length x 31″ height
  • Yama Seiki Lathe, 18.1″ swing x 110″ length, w/live tooling


Manual Machines

  • G & L Horizontal Boring Mills, 83” X axis x 134” Y axis x 36″ Z axis (2 machines)
  • Radial Arm Drills (2 machines)
  • Universal Mills (2 machines)
  • Flex Arm Tapping Machines (2 machines)


Fabrication & Finishing Department Capabilities

PGI recently completed an expansion project that provided additional space for our fabrication and finishing areas.  We now have over 25,000 square feet provided for our custom steel projects.  PGI is proud to offer a variety of services for your custom steel project including:


Inspection Department Capabilities

We are proud of our in-house inspection department, equipped with the latest technology, experienced technicians and a proven Quality Assurance track record.  The new 3,000 sq. ft. department provides a top-notch environment to thoroughly inspect your projects before they ever leave our facility.


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