Jigs & Fixtures

Machine Jigs, Fixtures, and Templates

Machine jigs and fixtures have a pattern of pre-drilled, tapped, reamed, and counter-sunk holes, sometimes include t-slots or scribed lines, and are used as work holding templates to mount other parts upon and to hold them down during the machining process.

  • Blanchard Ground to ± 0.005 tolerance levels
  • CNC Machining Parts to 110” width x 162” length x 42” height
  • Large Machine Jigs and Fixtures used for CNC Machining
  • Multiple-Use Machine Jigs and Fixtures
  • Pallet Fixtures
  • Tombstones

We flame cut, grind, and machine work-holding clamps, such as the t-fixture members alongside the triangular clamping heels. 1-2-3 blocks and 2-4-6 blocks (not shown) are a machinist’s bread-and-butter measuring and work-holding clamps. There are over 180 holes in this template.

Do you need tombstones or CNC pallet fixtures?

Whatever your needs for pallet fixtures, templates, angles, t-fixtures, tombstones, or other work-holdings for CNC Machining and Manual Milling Machines, we’ll help you get the right price for your precision manufactured parts and you’ll receive your custom made steel parts on-time. We have excellent shipping rates across the country, and we pass the savings on to you.

Multiple use machine jigs and fixtures – CNC Machining various sized steel arches.

These steel arches were cut from 2″ thick alloy plate, ground upon our high horsepower Blanchard grinders, and machined on our Takumi CNC. All these services provided by a single source, offering you time management and saving you shipping costs.