Material Receiving Inspection

Material Receiving Inspection

If your job doesn’t begin with our large selection of stocked plate, it will begin with our shipping department material receiving inspection. Upon arrival, the shipping & receiving clerk will accept the shipment whether it’s a supplied part or a weldment, and process a receiving document, including quantity, size, and quality of the material. The receiving document is then forwarded to the materials manager.

Material is then inspected and checked against the purchase order to confirm quantity, size and quality. Any deviations are noted on the bill of lading and/or the packing list.

Material that meets all specifications is accepted. The materials manager receives the material by scanning the bar code on the job traveler under the receiving job step.

The material is then prepared (cleaned and deburred) prior to transferring to the burning, stress relieving, grinding, machining, and/or fabrication area. The job traveler moves with the material to the next work center.

Material which does not meet specification is marked “REJECTED – DO NOT PROCESS” and the material is separated from the acceptable material and moved to a secure “Holding Area”. The materials manager then processes a “Non-Conformance Report” (NCR). After the “NCR” has been approved, the materials manager releases the material with the job traveler to the shop.

If the “NCR” is not approved, the materials manager will immediately contact the customer or vendor to resolve final resolution.

If the material was provided by the customer, the materials manager will request disposition instructions for the defective material and will request replacement material in order to expedite the completion of the order. If the material was provided by our vendor, the materials manager will send a “Request for Corrective Action” document to the vendor stating the corrective action to be taken.