Shipping & Receiving

After job completion, the shipping clerk physically checks finished parts against the work order. Work orders with multiple parts will be staged in the shipping department until all parts are complete.

Once the job passes inspection, we set up the packaging and/or pallets for the work order. The clerk processes the shipment, closely following any special packaging instructions.

The work order with all job travelers attached is submitted to the logistics administrator. The administrator verifies the work order is packaged and ready to ship. The work order and job travelers are sent to the billing department for shipping documents and invoices.

The shipment is transferred to the commercial carrier and/or the customer provided transportation. Then the clerk submits the signed delivery copy or bill of lading to the logistics administrator for verification that the work order was shipped.

All shipping documents are processed on a daily basis. LTL shipments will have tracking information, such as the carrier and tracking numbers, emailed to the customer contact the morning after the shipment has been released.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Feedback from customers and peers makes us BETTER! In order to maintain compliance with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, feedback is essential.

PGI Steel gives and receives constructive feedback to and from its customers and vendors in order to improve our service and organization. At PGI Steel, we look for vendors that closely align with our business model. Our customers expect the best and PGI Steel consistently works to deliver products and services that are above and beyond.

Continual improvement of PGI Steel’s Quality Management System and its processes are accomplished through the use and documentation of corrective actions.

Continual improvement of PGI Steel’s QMS is facilitated through the use of:

  • Quality policy
  • Quality objectives
  • Audit results
  • Analysis & evaluation
  • Corrective action
  • Management review