Machined Angles

Machined T-Slotted Steel Angle Plates

PGI Steel manufactures non-standard, custom, and specialized steel angle plates for grinding machines, manual mills, and CNC machining centers.

Precision machined steel angle plates are used to clamp and to hold work-pieces in a precisely vertical, 90-degree position for precision boring, milling, drilling or otherwise machining in the vertical plane. Non-standard precision steel angles can be fabricated to within 0.005″ squareness per 4-foot linear side length, forming a nearly true vertical plane for machining large fabrications and plates.

We cut ASTM steel plate to size, stress relieve the parts, weld the pieces together, grind and machine these angles complete to your specifications at our shop. We machine T-slots, channels, grooves, and holes, and we can attach hand-holds and lifting chain ring attachments, when required. 

Large capacity grinding shops, machine shops, short-run steel part manufacturers and various job shops require custom steel angles built to 30°, 45°, 90°, and custom angular requirements. Whether you need precision ground angles, machined to close tolerances or to less critical tolerances, we can handle your order.

Large, Custom-Built Steel Angles

We fabricate machined angles to as large as 48″ x 96″ from whatever grade of steel you need, however you need them built.

PGI Steel specializes in manufacturing large, custom-sized angle plates that are used to machine large fabrications. We manufacture large angle fabrications, workpiece tombstones, jigs, fixtures, and work-holdings to your custom specifications. Small standard angle plates, small t-slotted angle plates, small universal right angle irons, and small stacked boxed angles are usually cast to a standard size during large production runs by one of several “angle manufacturers” who manufacture sizes smaller than 24″ x 24″.

  • Flame cutting to thickness” x 96″ x 480″
  • Giddings & Lewis boring and bar mills handle workpieces larger than 12′ x 20′.
  • CNC vertical machining center capacity to 31″ x 78″ x 122″ and greater. 
  • Grinding capacity up to 45″ tall x 128″ diagonal, corner-to-corner. Large steel part grinding to 48″ width x over 220″ length.
  • Quantity (10) 10-20 ton overhead cranes.
Inside Angles Boxed Angle Plates Tombstones
Outside Angles Column Towers Jigs & Fixtures
Slotted Work-Holding Plates Standard or Slotted Custom Work-Holdings
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