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Steel Fabrication Painting

Paint Booth

Paint Booth

Surface preparation and painting services are an integral part of our single source solution approach!  Upon completion of your machine base, robot pedestal or other fabricated part, we can complete the job with a single or multi-coat paint system.  PGI’S skilled technicians will apply the paint system of your choice over a surface that has been properly prepared per the paint manufacturer’s recommendations.


Utilizing our custom-build paint shop, PGI can provide:

  • Properly prepared surfaces per the standards established by The Society for Protective Coatings (SPPC)
  • PGI utilizes Black Beauty ® blasting media for the high-quality surface profile results as well as the environmentally friendly low free silica and low dust aspects.
  • Single and multi-coat paint systems and colors according to your specifications.
  • A covered and well-ventilated environment to minimize dust contaminates that may mar the finish.
  • Coating products from the most reputable paint manufacturers in the industry.
  • A rigorous inspection process to ensure the project is delivered to your expectations.

We have provided painting and finishing services for steel parts, steel bars, machines, table tops, machine bases, robot pedestals, frames and many other types of fabricated steel parts and projects.

All of our painted and finished steel projects pass through a rigorous inspection process to ensure the project is delivered to our clients’ specifications, the paint is applied evenly and it meets our high expectations of quality.


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