Press Platen Refurbishing

Press Platens

Reconditioning, Resurfacing, Refurbishing Platens

A plywood press platen is a large, flat plate used in the forestry and furniture industries to manufacture plywood and laminates for various boards. Holes running through the thin walls allow oil, water, and steam to adjust heating & cooling temperatures. Reconditioning platens provides extensive cost savings for plywood mills that run steam presses to manufacture plywood. Press platens, also known as press plates may have a functional life of 10-15 years due to the wear and tear of normal use. On occasions, new plates don’t last that long. Dents and impressions resulting from foreign objects being trapped during the production process of pressing plywood finally wear out the functional use of the platen. After the wear and tear of production over time, plywood mill production parts either need refurbishing, resurfacing or replacement. Is it cost-effective to recondition or resurface press platens? When refinishing platens, are they as good as new? The before and after pictures above show how well our welders and machinists refinish platens. The resurfaced platen to the right is still serving our customer well. Call on PGI Steel when it’s time to resurface press platens, and you’ll find that we’re competitively priced and we’re reliable. We guarantee our work! Many of the plywood mills across the country choose PGI Steel to recondition press platens. Choosing to refinish or resurface platens extends the functional life of the plates to as good as new condition. The spot indentations, impressions and dents are welded and filled. The corner-block holes are inspected, then cleaned and repaired. Then, these plywood mill platens are reground by some of the largest Blanchard grinding and Mattison surface grinding machines in the country. Finally, we pressure test these for leaks, then finish and clean the platens for shipment back to your mill. We are regularly called upon to recondition platens, especially the largest plates.

We are happy to schedule open time to perform your work during your mill shut-down process and down-times.