Machine Building

PGI Supports Automation & Machine Building

PGI Custom Machine Building Services

For more than 50 years, PGI’s business has evolved to better serve industries and customers. PGI has long been an industry stalwart in providing clients with technical services in the machine building industry. PGI supports the machine building industry in many forms, including:

  • Ready Blanks – Ground and machined for customer processing
  • Machined complete and inspected parts per customer drawing
  • Fabricated and machined components
  • Finished assemblies or machines per customer supplied drawings
  • Base Plates, Side Plates, Side Frames, Tables, Fabricated Bases, Angle Plates, Dial Plates, Rails, Liners, Shafts, etc.

PGI’s portfolio of capabilities allows us to provide welding and fabrication services, milling, blasting, painting, etc. PGI can also manufacture custom jigs and fixtures to help you run more efficiently in your daily operations. Please contact our Technical Sales Team and let PGI go to work on your behalf.

Our Commitment – Your Advantage

  • We are a Single Source Solution for your outsourcing requirements.
  • We have experienced sales staff, dedicated to providing quick turnaround and world class customer service.
  • We have all the equipment needed too process your order under one roof.
  • If required, our experienced Team can also help with your machine build.
  • PGI has the square footage to assemble, test, and stage your equipment.

Replacement Machine Parts

Let PGI help you repair and refurbish your current manufacturing machine’s critical components that suffer wear and tear from daily use. Over time, machine productivity and performance can suffer due to impact, abrasion, and surface imperfections that arise from repeatable manufacturing. PGI has long kept its clients running efficiently by refurbishing the equipment’s critical parts.

Call us today with your requirements or come visit us and tour our facility.