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Blanchard Grinding

Blanchard Grinding Large Steel Plate

Blanchard Grinding Large Steel Plate

PGI Steel has offered large Blanchard grinding and large surface grinding services since 1971.

We Blanchard grind most sizes of alloy and carbon steel plates, carbon and tool steel bars, specialty steel parts, and welded fabrications.  Furthermore, many of these parts and fabrications are often heavier precision steel parts versus micro finished parts.

We have two of the most recognized Blanchard grinders for steel plate grinding for large ground plate, small, specialty ground plates and precision parts.


Grinding Sizes and Capacities

Our No. 54-100 Rotary Surface Grinders have a 54″ head diameter, a 100″ OD magnetic chuck, and a 128″ corner-to-corner swing has a vertical height capacity of 47″ and can handle up to 14,000 lbs on the table.

Our No. 32-60, Blanchard grinders have a table weight capacity of 6,000 lbs and has a 32″ head diameter, a 60″ one piece steel magnetic chuck, and a 61″ swing clearance inside the water guards providing high accuracy and high production repeatability.


What You Should Know About Blanchard Grinding


Grinding Tolerances

  • Flatness tolerances are met by shimming the work piece, flipping the work piece, and sparking out until tolerances are met.
  • Common parallelism tolerances for Blanchard grinding range from within .003″ to within .010″, often times depending upon the size of the part. The thinnest parts often require slower speeds and additional time spent.
  • Normal flatness tolerances for large steel parts may range from within .003″ to within .020″ dependent upon the thickness, length and width. Blanchard grinders can achieve the flattest tolerances for smaller, heavier pieces.
  • Stress relieving steel in our on-site furnace is recommended prior to grinding in order to meet critical flatness demands.
  • Thickness, parallelism and flatness tolerances are normally considered with most quotes, while “square” is considered when the sides and edges are both ground.  Furthermore, we also offer single sided grinding and ‘Grinding to Cleanup’ options.
  • We can grind precision prototypes, and we can produce large numbers of parallels, base plates, die plates, quick die change plates (QDC plates,) mold plates, mounting plates, wear plates, liner plates, sub plates, bolster plates and fabrications.


The Blanchard Grinding Process

We use several 5-15 ton overhead cranes and multiple jib cranes above our Blanchard grinders to meet demanding production requirements.  We locate magnet cranes throughout our plants to move steel between different operations.  These stations include flame cutting and plasma cutting, de-burring, Annealing / Stress Relieving Furnace, Machine Shop and Fabrication Department.

When grinding large base plates, machine bases, and large precision ground parts, we can handle your job no matter the size. Ground plate is our specialty. We have some of the largest and most durable precision grinders in the Southeast, along with some of the most experienced and skilled grinding craftsmen and machinists in the Southeast.


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