Vertical Machining Centers

Vertical Machining Centers

Johnford VCM Bridge Mill

In 2013, PGI Steel added a new Johnford vertical machining center with a travel capacity of 109” on the Y-Axis, 162″ on the X-Axis and 42” on the Z-Axis.  This double column machining center is capable of handling up to 26,400 lbs. 

Doosan Hybrid Bridge Mill

In 2020, we added a new Doosan DBM 2540 hybrid bridge mill with a travel capacity of 98.5″ on the Y-Axis, 167″ on the X-Axis and 42″ on the Z-Axis. This state-of-the-art machining center can handle parts and assemblies up to 33,000 lbs.

Linear AxisRotational Axis
XA (about A line, parallel to X)
YB (about A line, parallel to Y)
ZC (about A line, parallel to Z)