The Art of Grinding

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Rotary surface grinding is a machining process that uses an abrasive medium to take a material to its desired dimensions, tolerances and surface finish. This unique process is typically warranted when the material has a larger surface area requiring stock removal from one side at a time until the desired finished product is reached.

Blanchard Machine Company first began manufacturing rotary surface grinders around 1909. Mattison Machine Works also manufactured rotary surface grinding machines after seeing Blanchard’s success. The first machines were used to create flat surfaces on parts and were widely used both in the United States and abroad. Blanchard grinding is a more economical process than precision surface grinding or machining for large pieces of material that do not require tight tolerances. Blanchard grinding is ideal for removing large amounts of material in a short time frame while retaining accuracy in the finished work-product.

In today’s manufacturing industry, the term Blanchard grinding is recognized as the most efficient method of flat surface finishing and can be achieved on a multitude of materials. The characteristic cross-hatch pattern on the material’s flat surface is typically the best indicator of true Blanchard grinding. This unique finish is produced when the vertical grinding spindle moves in the opposite direction of machine’s rotary table and magnetic chuck. While the chuck rotates, the material passes under the wheel face, which is fed down in order to remove stock. Work pieces can be loaded in a full circle so that there are no end pieces.

In 2004, Rockford, Illinois company, Bourn & Koch, Inc. purchased the OEM rights of both Blanchard Machine Company and Mattison Machine Works, proudly carrying on the torch of American manufacturing.

PGI Steel currently maintains and utilizes several rotary style Blanchard & Mattison Grinders both its manufacturing plants:

  • Mattison 400S Vertical Spindle, 400HP 48” width x 200” length
  • Mattison 400S Vertical Spindle, 150HP 36” width x 170” length
  • Mattison 400S Vertical Spindle, 100HP 36” width x 100” length
  • Blanchard 54-100 Rotary, 250HP 128” diameter x 45” height   (2 machines)
  • Blanchard 32-60 Rotary, 100HP 60” diameter x 36” height   (4 machines)
  • Mattison Rotary, 125HP 60” diameter x 36” height
  • Mattison Rotary, 125HP 104” diameter x 30” height
  • Blanchard Rotary, 50HP 42” diameter x 18” height   (2 machines)
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